CFOA Spring Conference first day concludes

The first day of the Spring Conference continued to provide interesting and very useful presentations and discussions.

Tim Cutbill, LFB

Tim Cutbill from LFB discussed how to deal with a CBRN through multi-agency working. This looked at techniques to deal with incidents,  specialist operational response and how this is being extended.

Roy Wilsher, CFOA director of opps

Roy Wilsher, from Hertfordshire and CFOA ops director who also chaired the event, spoke about working to the National Coordination and Advisory framework.

Last year’s floods were discussed and how dealing with similar incidents should be dealt with in the future.

Dave Walton, West Yorkshire FRS

The final speaker of the day, Dave Walton, from West Yorkshire, presented on dealing with the threat of marauding terrorist firearms attacks MTFA). this including challenges of cross border working and future work, including funding with DCLG.

All presentations gave an interesting insight into work taking place across the sector. More great speakers lined up for tomorrow including Dods, speaking about political manifestos and the potential impact on fire.


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