UKISAR in Nepal – update 19:00hrs Wed 29 April

Members of the UK International Search and Rescue team (UKISAR) deployed in Nepal spent much of today (Wed 29 April) in action.

They have established their Base of Operations in the grounds of the British Embassy in Kathmandu, and received extensive support from the embassy staff.

Their tasks have so far included:

• Assessing the local infrastructure in the Chautara area of central Nepal, where the vast majority of local people appeared to be living in temporary shelters. The town of Chautara had suffered extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, but the main road was passable.

At a hospital there they found a 25-bed hospital tent and a number of displaced local inhabitants. Two of the 12 medical staff had been injured in the earthquake.The original hospital building was damaged and structurally unsafe.

This team conducted two searches in Chautara at the request of the local authorities, to find two missing people.

The first search was in an unstable building, that had suffered complete destruction of the ground floor from collapse of the upper stories. A dog search was followed by acoustic/seismic survey, then entry into the building. A body (deceased) was located by camera, but was too entrapped for immediate safe removal.

The second search, for a missing 13-year-old boy, ended without him being located.

• An assessment of the Kapan district.

Transport has been secured for UKISAR use by DfID and the British Gurkhas, and a number of 4×4 vehicles are due to be flown out to the team from the UK.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the team will support two health infrastructure assessments in the Halambra and Lantang districts.

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