UKISAR in Nepal – update 10:00hrs Thurs 30 April

Members of the 67-strong UK International Search and Rescue team deployed to earthquake-hit Nepal are continuing to support the international response.

They are among 60 teams who have arrived from around the globe, and who are now being asked to turn their efforts to body recovery.

UKISAR have confirmed they will support body recovery operations, and will today be helping at the scene of a collapsed six-storey building in Kathmandu.

The team of volunteers, drawn from UK fire and rescue services and health trusts, has been deployed by the Department for International Development (DfID).

A spokesperson for UKISAR said: “People’s chances of still being alive in the collapsed building are, tragically, virtually nil. We have confirmed that we will support body recovery operations.

“In addition, members of the team will be carrying out health infrastructure assessments in the Halambra and Lantang districts.

“Their team’s skills spread to far more than search and rescue. Several UKISAR members have training in, and experience of, disaster and humanitarian medicine.

“Their health infrastructure and medical assessment will involve gathering and feeding back medical intelligence to the international health organisations on the ground, to help them best prioritise their work and efforts.”

The entire UKISAR deployment is being coordinated by an Incident Command Room which is being facilitated by West Midlands Fire Service.

See pics of the medical assessment team and their kit on Twitter: @drrichardlyon




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