Nepal rescue phase to continue 


Following meetings with the Ministry of Affairs it has been decided to continue the rescue phase. 

UK ISAR will now travel East of Kathmandu to the Sindupalchok region, now under the coordination of the Dutch. Here the team (35 UK ISAR personnel) will set up base in Chanutara working together with the Nepalese Army and British Ghurkhas Nepal as a combined team. 

The remainder of the team will deploy later, once the existing base of operations is broken down and medical assessments are completed. 

UK ISAR have been involved with three key taskings.

Firstly they have cleared a much needed hospital in Kathmandu after being tasked to undertake a hazard assessment. The hospital can now provide critical medical relief to the region. 

Secondly they were tasked to undertake a structural and medical assessment and make as safe as possible a medical clinic. The building has suffered damage to a water tower on the roof approximately 80 feet up, which has a large piece of overhanging concrete. 

Getting this clinic open will provide a further 800 beds and open up 6 much needed operating theatres. This is as a critical piece of work and will assist the local population considerably. This operation will require expertise in both Rope Rescue and Heavy Lift.

Thirdly, teams consisting of USAR Medical Team (UMT) and Sector Medical Team (SMT) are to be helicoptered into some identified priority areas to provide much needed medical support. UK ISAR members will be assisting these teams in this operation.

UK ISAR Medical Team is also assisting ‘Save The Children’ as part of a 72hr cluster assessment.

Further plans will again be reviewedon Monday 4 May.

The entire UKISAR deployment is being coordinated by an Incident Command Room which is being facilitated by West Midlands Fire Service.




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