Latest Nepal update

Subject: NEPAL RELEASE UPDATE04/05/2015


Just over a week on from the earthquake that hitNepal near the capital city of Kathmandu, 39 out of 75 districts have been affected and at least 46 aftershocks have been felt.



The UK International Search and Rescue (UKISAR) team deployed by the Department for International Development (DFID) has been playing a key role in the relief effort:


A 4 year old female child with a serious leg injury was evacuated to a field hospital for ongoing treatment and in another case a young boy’s broken arm was treated using a plastic bottle as a splint.


The remnants of an overhanging brick built column have now been successfully removed from the teaching hospital and a temporary measure to improve the stability of the water tank put in place.


Other work at the hospital is nearly complete which will allow 10 operating theatres and up to 400 beds to be put back into use within the next 24 hours and over the next two to three weeks another 400 beds will come online as minor repairs are completed by the hospital.


15 team members were airlifted by helicopters back into Sindupalchok and have completed needs assessments.


A team of 20 personnel have been travelling out to remote areas to make further assessments today.


The helicopters have allowed access to remote villages allowing vital work to continue.


Some of the seriously injured casualties had been evacuated by the Nepalese Army but many more injured residents remained these were triaged and provided with appropriate first aid treatment by UK ISAR medical teams.


The team operating in the Sindupalchok area have found the road blocked to vehicle traffic in several locations but this was cleared by heavy plant throughout the day.


A hydro power plant incapacitated due to the earth quake has been identified and a request has been sent for engineers to conduct repair work which would then provide power toChautara Valley.

The entire UKISAR deployment is being coordinated by an Incident Command Room which is being facilitated by West Midlands Fire Service.


Photos of four-year-old victim recovering available here, credit DFID/Russell Watkins:

Area Commander Paul Burnham issues an update from Nepal.




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