Incident Command Conference – Day Two

For the final day of our Incident Command Conference, we were joined by a number of specialist experts looking at command and leadership in a range of contexts.

Robert Herring, a performance coach currently working with the Army, talked delegates through how decisions are made under pressure and how an individual can become more resilient and improve their situational awareness through techniques such as Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training.

Andrew St George and Sharon Curry used examples from the Royal Navy’s leadership framework, written by Andrew, and the research which has taken place during the Antarctic Endurance 2016 programme, to illustrate the role, importance and necessity of leadership in a command context. During their presentation to the conference, they emphasised how culture, personal qualities and the ethos of the organisation combine to impact on the leadership behaviour of an individual.

Professor Jonathan Crego, creator and owner of the Minerva and Hydra Strategic Management Simulation Systems, presented delegates with a number of videos and scenarios to encourage debate around the term ‘decision making’. Jonathan also examined the use of ‘consequence choosing’ as an alternative term.

Our final speaker, CFOA Director of Operations, Roy Wilsher, outlined ‘Our Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Commanders’ and reinforced the importance of Incident Command both during incidents and in upholding the reputation of the Fire and Rescue Service. Roy also discussed the value of investing in relevant and realistic training and highlighted a number of key areas which will be considered by CFOA to progress work in this area further.

We’d like to thank all speakers and delegates who joined us for this conference and Stratford. The presentations will be made available via soon.


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