Health minister praises health work 

at an event earlier today, Jeremy Hunt praised the work of the fire and rescue service and its innovative approach to working with the NHS.

At the Reform event ‘NHS 24 forward view’, a number of people were discussing the future of the NHS and technological advances. 

When asked by CFOA president Paul Hancock about enabling public sector bodies working together more closely, the minister said how fantastic the work was, especially the new consensus statement which was signed last week. 

While prevention wasn’t the main focus of the discussion, it was apparent that the approach CFOA and the NHS were taking was key to the future of the NHS and reducing pressure on services in the future.

The ageing population was also discussed and how people are having to manage long term conditions for much longer periods of time. Paul Hancock also raised the safe and well checks and hoe these can make a big difference, as the fire service has access to 670,000 homes a year.

CFOA is also attending events about policing and devolution today.  There are a number of opportunities to highlight the work fire and rescue services are doing and hopefully help to influence the debate, while highlighting operational opportunities across the public sector. 


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