Restart a Heart Day

Restart a heart

Friday, October 16th, is European Restart a Heart Day, and CFOA is pleased to support efforts to raise awareness of what members of the public can do to save the life of someone having a cardiac arrest.

Having the confidence to intervene and use a few simple skills is all that people need to potentially save someone’s life. The four steps are really easy to follow:

Four steps

Fire and rescue services around the UK are helping to create communities of lifesavers. Many firefighters are trained teachers of the British Heart Foundation’s HeartStart and provide free courses at fire stations and in schools teaching CPR and other life-saving skills.

CFOA is supporting calls from our colleagues at the British Heart Foundation, St John’s Ambulance and The British Red Cross to make it compulsory to teach all secondary school children vital first aid. The “Every Child a Lifesaver” campaign is calling for a change in the law to require schools to give young people the confidence and skills needed to deal with a range of medical emergencies including cardiac arrests, heart attacks, choking, bleeding, asthma attacks, and seizures.

To learn more about Every Child A Lifesaver and offer your support, check out the St John Ambulance website by clicking this link.


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