CFOA Responds to Consultation on Enabling Collaboration between Emergency Services


We have today submitted our response to the Government’s consultation on enabling collaboration between emergency services, which builds upon our previous statement regarding closer working between emergency services.

Below is a summary of the full response.

CFOA is supportive of efforts to enable collaboration between emergency services where it is supported by local authorities and local communities. That said, we know that many emergency services are already collaborating closely without any change to the law, producing savings and improving outcomes for local communities.

Indeed, CFOA feel that the consultation is somewhat narrow in its scope, as we believe there to be many opportunities for collaboration with partners other than emergency services, such as local authorities or partners in health and social care. This is typified by our recently signed Consensus Statement with the colleagues in the NHS, Public Health England, Age UK and the LGA.

We have specifically articulated our concern about the proposition that Police and Crime Commissioners might be able to able to make a business case to take over a fire and rescue service even if local authorities and local communities are not supportive. CFOA believes this is against the principle of local determination, and would not be a constructive way to approach any collaboration.

CFOA have also raised a number of points in relation to finance, resilience and human resources issues, and will be looking to engage with the government over the coming months to look at these areas in more detail.

To read our full consultation response, please visit our website.


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