Fire services continue to carry out vital work in Cumbria

UK Firefighters are continuing to assist in Cumbria after the area flooded for the third time in less than a month.

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) would like to highlight and praise the work of all the firefighters involved, who are carrying out complex and dangerous work in Cumbria.

Huge credit must go to all services which have been working around the clock to support communities across Cumbria and in Lancaster. The floods have devastated people’s lives, and it happening for the third time has made the situation worse.

Communities in the area have once again been affected by flood water, following high winds and torrential rain. Yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and high winds have been issued for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The fire service has played a pivotal and vital role during the recent floods. This has included rescuing people, trained firefighters on powered rescue boats, wading teams, tactical advisers, standard fire pumps and additional resources.

One crew rescued a woman who was trapped in her car, which was filling with water. They managed to smash the back window and pull her to safety.

For more information on the flooding and the latest news, please visit The guardian which has run an in-depth article on the situation.

This is part of a national response, coordinated by CFOA national resilience arrangements. This means teams can be quickly mobilised nationally to assist with equipment, rescue teams and expertise.

This response will continue for as long as firefighters are required in the area. Crews can be mobilised quickly if further flooding occurs.

Iti s important the public  has confidence that the emergency services can and will respond quickly when needed.

Incidents such as this highlight how essential an efficient national response is for the UK, which Fire and Rescue Services must play a leading role in delivering.

The government needs to ensures national resilience assets are not understated, so this level of response can be coordinated as and when required.



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