Fire services vital role in floods continue

Fire and Rescue services from across the country are continuing to work together to assist with flooding in the North of England.

This is part of the UK National Resilience assets deployment, organised by CFOA.

Firefighters are carrying out vital and dangerous work with communities, in very difficult circumstances. Credit must go to all agencies working together, along with communities who have suffered during the floods.

In addition, the government must recognise support and funding for national resilience must not be understated, to ensure fire and rescue services can respond quickly and effectively to such situations.

Flood rescue assets and pumping assets are being provided to the affected FRS as requested.
The selection, mobilisation and strategic cover is being planned and maintained between the Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor (CFRA), National Strategic Advisory Team (NSAT) and National Resilient Assurance Team (NRAT) officers.

The total number of assets currently deployed to flood related incidents include :
• 11 High Volume Pumps (HVP)
• 9 HVP double hose boxes
• 4 HVP Tactical Advisers
• 21 Flood Rescue boats
• 4 Flood Rescue Tactical Advisers
• 2 X Enhanced Logistics Support (ELS) vehicles

In addition, there are a number of Strategic Holding areas in place.

The work includes regular updates of affected areas to ensure assets can be deployed most effectively, which are being constantly updated as the situation changes.


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