Chief Fire Officers Association and Dubai Civil Defence working more closely together

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) have both pledged to work more closely together.

Both organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the first phase of how they plan to work together, including sharing information and best practice guidance.

It is anticipated this partnership will see the two organisations advance the safety of the public and firefighters through reducing the loss of life, injury, damage to property and economic loss from fire.

Following the signing of the MOU, CFOA’s Vice President Dave Etheridge thanked DCD for their warm welcome and willingness to work together. 

He said: “Today’s signing of the MOU is a unique moment in time. It means two like-minded organisations have pledged to work closely together to exchange ideas, specialist skills, expertise and operational experience. I am looking forward to working with DCD and sharing our extensive knowledge, skills and expertise.”

“I hope others organisations and countries will follow the leadership we have shown today by joining us. This would allow us to form a worldwide network of professionals, while offering professional development across the globe.

“I believe Fire and Rescue Services in the UK could learn from our colleague in Dubai, with emphasis on some of Dubai’s building designs which require complex fire protection arrangements.”

Mr Etheridge also put on public record his appreciation for everyone involved in the New Year’s Eve incident which took place following the major fire involving the Address Hotel. 

He added: “When a building such as the Address Hotel is involved in a fire, it leads to the need for complex firefighting operations, actions and decisions.

“I would like to pay tribute to all the commanders, officers and firefighters who attended this multi-agency response which resulted in millions of pounds worth of property and possessions being saved.

In addition, more than 3,000 people were safety evacuated and only 16 people receiving minor injuries, with no loss of life. It was an amazing outcome for one of the most complex fires I have ever witnessed.”

• DCD has a vital role in Dubai, especially in the field of industrial and commercial safety and security. It also assists in rescue missions, restoring life in disastrous areas back to normal and setting up volunteer teams and emergency units to support civil defence forces.

• DCD’s objectives are to protect lives, private and public properties, ensure environment safety, transportation and communication safety to ensure discipline and order in public utilities, protect private and public facilities, establishments and projects and national wealth during state war, emergency 

• The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is a professional membership association and a registered charity. CFOA members are drawn from all UK Fire & Rescue Services (FRSs) representing the senior executives and managers of the Service. 

• Through the work of its members the Association supports Fire and Rescue Services of the UK in its aspiration to protect the communities they serve and to continue to improve the overall performance of the fire sector. CFOA provides professional and technical advice to inform national fire policy.


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