Register My Appliance Day

On 21st January millions of shoppers will receive a household safety message from their favourite brands of domestic appliances, reminding them to register the fridges, freezers and washing machines that they have bought over the last twelve years and are still running in their kitchens.

At a time when keen bargain hunters are registering new deals that they have snapped up in the sales, manufacturers want to ensure that their older,  trusted, models are not forgotten and can be swiftly located if over time a free safety repair  becomes necessary.

Manufacturers particularly want to reach out to the same older and vulnerable members of society that are often the focus of ‘Safe and Well’ visits which are delivered by fire and rescue services throughout the country. They fear that these older people are more likely to be harbouring unregistered appliances that are at least 10 years old.

Thousands of consumers are still missing out on product safety warnings as they fail to register their appliances. There are over 100 million large appliances in use in our homes and we keep them a very long time, but less than half (47%) of consumers registered the last product they bought.  Unlike cars, this leaves the vast majority untraceable if a safety action becomes necessary.

Even though product recalls on appliances are fortunately relatively rare (around 7 to 10 recalls a year) constant use of an older appliance could cause some unforeseen wear and tear. If over time, a free safety modification becomes necessary, manufacturers need an efficient way of tracking down the affected models so that the household remains safe. Normally a free and quick in-home fix by a qualified engineer will rectify the problem and ensure many further years of safe use.

Andy Reynolds, Electrical Safety Lead at CFOA said “Key to protecting your home and family is making sure you’re kept up to date with any potential safety issues and product recalls. We would urge members of the public to use Electrical Safety First’s product checker, to make sure their appliances have not been subject to a recall, and to register their appliance with the AMDEA website, or direct with the manufacturer.”

Register My Appliance is the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliance’s (AMDEA) brainchild, unique to this industry who are investing thousands to keep all householders in the loop on product safety. The Register my appliance portal – whose growing number of supporters includes CFOA, the Government, Age UK, the National Landlords Association, Citizens Advice and RoSPA – provides quick access to the registration pages of 62 leading brands and, once registered, owners can be contacted immediately in the rare instance a safety repair becomes necessary.

How To Register Your Appliance

It’s very simple to register your appliance, just follow these steps

  • First you need details of your appliance, this will include, brand name, model number and serial number. All this information should be printed and a safety plate attached to appliance. For washing machine sand tumble driers it will be at the entrance to the drum and in fridges or freezers inside the main compartment.
  • You will need a purchase date, this can be approximate
  • Go to and input your appliances details
  • You appliance will now be registered – simple as that

Some people may be put off from registering as they think they will be bombarded with calls or junk mail, but when you register your appliance you will only be contacted in the event of a product recall or safety advice relating to the product. You won’t be added to a marketing database.

CFOA is encouraging people on 21st January to look at their appliances and those of any older friends or relatives and get them registered.

Manufacturers and supporters are committed to ensuring that this simple and quick piece of administration should be on the to-do list of every household so that the public remain as safe as houses.


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