Operation Unified Response is underway: see pictures from the site

Europe’s largest disaster training exercise started today and will run for four days.

The scenario is a tower block building collapse onto Waterloo tube station and how emergency services and other organisations respond.

Work to prepare the site begun last year and it includes tube trains and tons of rubble to make it as realistic as possible.

The exercise include Hundreds of emergency services staff and volunteers. Up to 4000 people are thought to be involved. 

Four separate venues in London as well as a disused power station in Dartford, Kent, are being used for the exercise.

According to the BBC News website, Disaster victim identification (DVI) teams from all UK police regions are working alongside other forensic specialists during the training exercise, referred to as Exercise Unified Response and co-ordinated by the London Fire Brigade.

Urban Search and Rescue is playing a key role with six USAR teams delpoyed so far.

The exercise also includes a media hub which is operating from the site at gold command level, and specialised team working on social media to dispel rumours it is a terror attack.

Photos courtesy of London Fire Brigade and PA.


Photos courtesy of: London Fire Brigade and PA


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