Working together: Health, Social Care and Fire

Joint working is having a positive impact on the prevention agenda, contributing to the wider health and well-being agenda.

The Fire and Rescue Service has a long and successful history of prevention and early
intervention. By working in partnership with other organisations including health and social care, all organisations involved in the partnership are seeing results.

Only a few months ago, this work was recognised and praised by the Health Minister.

Fire and rescue services and health and social care organisations are at the heart of
their communities; seeking to help people stay safe and well in their homes and in
their neighbourhoods.

Concerned with prevention and early intervention, all organisations are reaching out to the same people and families who find themselves at risk of accident or ill-health.

On 1 October 2015 NHS England, the Chief Fire Officers Association, the Local
Government Association, Public Health England and Age UK published a joint
consensus statement setting out a national commitment to improve health and

This will be achieved through:

  • The collaborative use of resources
  • Capacity to encourage joint strategies for intelligence – led prevention and early
  • Supporting vulnerable people and those with complex needs to get the personalised, integrated care and support they need to live full lives and sustain independence for longer, reducing demand on fire, health and social care services
  • Assisting in reducing future demand by equipping those not yet in need with access to information and support to change behaviours and promote independence

In addition, principles of a Safe and Well visit by a fire and rescue service have been jointly published. These have been informed by existing good practice within the fire and rescue service and provide a framework broadened to include supportive and preventative health measures.

Please see the full Working Together document which outlines the work which will is taking place  and plans to increase their reach, scale and impact.


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