Home Safety Week 2016


This week is CFOA Home Safety Week. Fire and rescue services and stakeholders will raise awareness of the risk of accidental house fires caused by home appliances. The focus is primarily on white goods – most people will have at least two of the items listed below in their household.

Appliance fires 2014-15

White goods alone caused approximately 16,000 accidental fires in 2014-2015 in the UK. Appliance fires can be caused by a range of reasons. Possibly a manufacturing fault or a recalled item but very often it is down to human error. Commonly this can be incorrect installation, maintenance or use of an appliance. The cooker statistics look alarming but many of these fires are caused by user distraction or fat and grease build up. These fires also tend to be small. It is hoped small changes in behaviour can reduce the number of incidents occurring.

Although recently tumble dryer recalls have been in the public eye many more items have been recalled in recent years. Electrical Safety First say the average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is about 10-20%. Potentially we are using many products which are unsafe.

As part of the week CFOA is asking fire and rescue service to get behind and help publicise London Fire Brigade’s ‘Total Recalls’ campaign. It aims to make sure the public are better protected from potentially lethal faulty white goods by calling on the Government to improve the way that product recalls work and make it much easier for the public to find out about recalled products by having one government backed recall register.

Home Safety Week will offer advice on:

How to check if your appliances are subject to a recall

How to register appliances

Advice on use and maintenance of appliances

How you can help older friends and relatives in support of Older Peoples Day on 1 October

To find out more about Home Safety Week please get in touch with CFOA and look out for #SafeHome16 on twitter or contact your local fire and rescue service to find out about local activities or advice for your area.


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