Register right now for a safer home

Most households put quite a bit of time and effort into making sure they have the right appliances for their needs. It might mean you’ve shopped around for the best price, the best reviews or the latest safety features.

Once we open up the item how many of us fill out the paperwork and register the product? Well, according to a 2015 consumer survey by Populus for Electrical Safety First 47% of us do. Previous figures were lower at 36% of consumers and the rise is in part down to the Register My Appliance initiative by AMDEA.

There are many reasons why people don’t register appliances. It’s one of those jobs where you don’t quite complete the paperwork and shove it in a drawer or forget to post the envelope. If can often be because people are concerned about how personal details may be used. The assumption is that this information will be used for marketing purposes and therefore you expect a tirade of junk mail or simply people see no point in registering appliances.

What is the point in registering an appliance?

The main point of registering an appliance is down to safety.

When you buy a brand new appliance it will come with a warranty. Often the manufacturer asks that products are registered in a certain time period after purchase so as not to invalidate the warranty. Length of warranty can vary but if you have a problem you can look at getting it fixed by a qualified person.

Most crucially though, if there is a problem with a product even if the product is out of warranty the manufacturer can contact you and let you know what action needs to be taken.

On some occasions this might be advisory information but often this might be a repair. This repair will be free of charge. In cases of a large recall with an excessive wait for a repair a manufacturer may offer you a discounted replacement product. You don’t have to buy the discounted product – you can wait for the repair. CFOA’s advice though would be not to use a recalled product until it has been repaired even if a manufacturer says it is safe to use.

It is impossible for manufacturers to know who has these appliances unless we let them know. The easiest way to let them know is to register your product just in case there is a problem.

I’ve never registered my appliances – what should I do?

Electrical Safety First say the average success rate of a product recall is between 10-20%. Potentially this means many products are in homes which were recalled and area a fire or electric shock risk.

As part of Home Safety Week CFOA would like people to look at as many appliances as possible and get them registered.

Most people will have a range of appliances from different manufacturers. You can access all the main manufacturers via

Douglas Herbison, Chief Executive of AMDEA says:

“Using is one of the simplest ways of improving household safety. The portal provides quick access to the registration pages of over 65 leading brands. It only takes a few minutes to register appliances up to 12 years old and once it’s done you can be assured that you’ll be contacted in the rare instance that a safety action becomes necessary. “

You will need to know the make, model and serial number of the appliance. All of this information should be on the appliance on small safety plate. On washing machines and tumble dryers look on the inside of the door at the entrance to the drum. On dishwashers and ovens on the inside of the door and in fridges and freezers they are in the main compartment. Then you need a rough idea of the purchase date – it doesn’t have to be exact but useful as some recalls affect models made during a certain period of time.

Appliances do not have to be brand new to be registered. You can register appliances up to 12 years old. If you are not the first owner of an appliance you can still have a safety repair carried out.

What if I don’t know who made my appliance?

There are instances where products are made exclusively for a retailer or trade supplier and badged under that name. In a few cases you may not be able to register the product on AMDEA. You will need to contact the retailer directly and make sure they have your details. In some instances they do specify you should provide these details at time of purchase. Make sure you check if buying such items what the rules are.

Don’t just do your own appliances

As with most things these days – it is much easier to register appliances online. If you are taking the time to register an appliance make some time to do the same for a friend or family member that may need help. Not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone may be able to find the appliance information.register-my-appliance-promo-poster-a4


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